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Tetra has a long track record of developing advanced pulsed power technologies that successfully solve difficult technology problems for our customers.  Recently, we have been working on advanced non-mechanical drilling technologies for the oil, gas, and geothermal markets, as well as advanced nonmechanical mining technologies for the precious metal mining industry.  What problem can we solve for you?


Repetitive Pulsed Electric Drill

Tetra Corporation has been developing its electrohydraulic technology over the past 17 years. Numerous patents protect this technology. Approximately $9.4 million has been invested in developing Tetra Corporation's eletrohydraulic technologies.

The Vein Miner

Tetra Corporation has over two decades of experience in high energy pulsed power technology and pulsed electric gas laser development and engineering. During this period Tetra has developed its pulsed power technology to provide the pulse of current to create the EH shock wave in water to crush rock.

Advanced Pulsed Power Switching

An electrical spark is created in water and a pulse of electricity at high peak power is passed through the spark. This forms rapidly expanding plasma in the water that creates a shock wave. These shock waves are so powerful they can crush rock.

Fusion Power Conditioning

A key part of designing and developing a fusion power plant is providing the correct voltage and current to power the magnetic fields and plasma heating. The same techniques Tetra utilizes for pulsed power systems can be applied to designing the high current and high voltage circuitry needed to manage the power for a fusion power plant.


The Tetra drilling technology has demonstrated drilling rates substantially faster than conventional drilling technology. Tunnel boring machines (TPM) utilize the same rock crushing technology as conventional drilling. Tetra’s nonmechanical electrocrushing drilling technology should make a substantial gain in tunnel boring machine propagation rates, significantly reducing the cost of boring large diameter tunnels.

Space Mining

Tetra is in discussions with a company interested in utilizing the Tetra Electrocrushing Mining technology for mining water on the moon and precious minerals from asteroids.




The Mission of Tetra Corporation and SDG is to seek God and His creative power to develop new technologies to commercialization.


The vision for Tetra Corporation is to invent and develop new technologies, utilizing  proprietary technology, and capture the value of that technology in a way to provide resource flow into Christian ministry.



The purpose of Tetra Corporation is to model a company for Christ in the R & D market sector while developing Tetra’s technology for commercialization and to utilize the proceeds from the commercialization of Tetra’s technology to financially support Christian ministry.


“The RePED drilling technology will transform the oil and gas drilling industry.”

- Oil Company executive

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