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Tetra Corporation’s Pulsed Power* Technology
Tetra Corporation has over two decades of experience in high energy pulsed power technology and pulsed electric gas laser development and engineering. During this period Tetra has developed its pulsed power technology to provide the pulse of current to create the EH shock wave in water to crush rock.

Tetra Corporation has developed a number of pulsed power technologies for defense and industrial applications. The company is looking to lease or sell rights to some patents on pulsed power technologies developed in its laboratories. The following is a partial list of available patents.

The following is a partial list of available patents:
Non-Round Aperture Pseudospark Switch
Linear Aperature Pseudospark Switch
Pulse Forming Line Driver for a Compact X-Ray Laser
Patent No. 08,890,485
Patent No. 6,104,022
Patent No. 6,026,099

* Pulsed power is a branch of electrical engineering wherein the electrical energy is stored (typically in a capacitor or inductor) and then switched, or released, into the load. This produces a pulse of current at high peak power, hence the term “pulsed power”.

Blowing up a balloon and then pricking it with a pin is a mechanical analog to electrical pulsed power. The energy is stored in the inflating process and released in a pulse when the balloon is pricked.
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