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William Moeny
William Moeny is co-founder, President and Chief Scientist of Tetra Corporation, a small research and development firm located in Albuquerque, NM, that specializes in high technology research and development. Tetra has been conducting both experimental and theoretical pulsed power and high-energy laser research since its inception in 1977. Mr. Moeny’s scientific interest include high pressure plasma physics, electric discharge lasers and pulsed power technology applications in the areas of high energy switching, electrohydraulic drilling and electrocrushing beneficiation and comminution of mineral ores.
William Moeny Moeny is the co-inventor and lead scientist in the development of the Focused Shock Drilling technology using pulsed electric discharges. This electrohydraulic work has extended into further research and development work on specific applications. Utilizing basic patents plus new technology developments, research has been conducted in coal and ore pulverization, mineral liberation, and electrohydraulic and electrocrushing technologies, leading to the development of radically new and cost-effective mining and drilling technologies.
Moeny is responsible for the development of a high repetition rate glow discharge closing switch technology for the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO). This switch represented a significant breakthrough in pulse power switching. He has also developed a pulsed radial glow discharge CO2 laser for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems
(SPAWAR) and a pulsed laser technology for coatings and materials removal.
Moeny received his B.S.AAE (Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering) from the Northrop Institute of Technology and his M..S. AAE from the University of Washington.

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